FAKIRAUP LTD, has been existed since 2005, duly register in the      Registrar of Companies situate in the Republic of Mauritius,  dealing in      all types of Metal work & others services.

     We are professional in fulfilling our customers demand and we are 24             hours operational for any types of welding, civil work or even cleaning       cement vessel on ship. We have 35 employees in sites.

     Our mission is to execute the client or any company either in land or      at sea demand at an expected time. We do our best to  make sure that      our product that has been done in front of our  client been checked.

     We do give our satisfaction to these following companies in  Mauritius:      HOLCIM, LA FARGE, LMY, NUSHIR SHOPTECH  LTD, GAMMA &      OTHERS.

     Our target prices can be check or contact our customers service via      email or hotline. Our product is gurantee for 1 to 3 years in  appropriate      products.